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QZFM-700E Automatic Case Making&Inner Laminating Machine(CCD)


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    • Commodity name: QZFM-700E Automatic Case Making&Inner Laminating Machine(CCD)
    • Commodity ID: QZFM-700E
  • It adopts new technology and process, such as special feeder for printing press use, high-precision camera for accurate positioning, manipulator to feed board with rapid speed, specia mechanical structure to do edge folding etc. lt can automatically finish the proce-dures of paper feeding & gluingboard feeding & positioning,corner forming.four-side folding and auto-collection with high accuracy, fast speed and high quality.

    The hardcover cover is produced, and the produced hardcover cover is sent to the liminating machine through the intermediate transfer mechanism. At the same time, the laminating machine automatically completes the inner lining paper feeding, surface gluing, hardcover cover feeding, visual positioning, manipulator conveying, inner lining paper fitting, surface finishing and leveling processes, and the inner lining paper is fitted with the hardcover.