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How to operate the automatic cover machine

In the edge wrapping system of the automatic cover machine, the imported photosensitive element is used to control the cam device in the corner pressing process to realize the simultaneous and stable pressing of the four corners. The fully automatic cover machine adopts mechanical folding to make the finished product beautiful. Teflon material is sprayed on the surface of all rollers. Because this material is not easy to stick to water, the processed surface is clean and tidy, and the cleaning time of the drum is greatly reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

  The processing technology of the hardcover book block is the same as that of the paperback book block in terms of folding, collation and binding. In addition, the hardcover book block must also undergo special processing, and its technological process mainly includes leveling, rounding, ridging, gauze sticking, decalcification, etc. The fully automatic cover machine works like this:

  (1) Leveling

   is carried out on a special leveling machine. After the book block is compacted, the thickness is thinner than before, flat and firm, which is convenient for the next process.

  (2) Rounding

  Use a rounding machine to scrape the back of the book block into a circular arc, so that the book stickers of the whole book are staggered from each other, and the incision forms an inner curved surface, which is easy to read. Rounding can also make the book block more firm, easy to connect with the book cover, and improve the binding quality.

  (3) Ridging

  In order to prevent the round book block from deforming, the book block is ground and shaped.

  (4) stick gauze

   On the back of the book block, stick gauze or cardboard strips to cover the stitches on the book block to make the book block stronger.

  (5)Decal Heads

   Also known as sticky spine head, woven cotton cloth or other fabrics are glued to both ends of the back of the book block to make the whole book more firmly connected and play the role of decorating the book block. The hardcover comes with a bookmark ribbon that is glued to the back gauze before the head is applied.

  After the hardcover leather case machine is finished, it must be dried to eliminate the moisture in the adhesive during pasting and sealing, so as to ensure the normal operation of the next process. There are two drying methods: natural drying and artificial drying.

  The natural drying time is longer, generally more than one day. The artificial drying time is short, and it can be dried by circulating air, infrared drying, high-frequency drying, etc. Most printing plants use the natural drying method.