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Drupa Printing Exhibition | Horda Intelligent Booth Continues to Heat Up, Attracting High-profile Visitors!

As a leading player in the high-end cover machine field in China, Zhejiang Horda Intelligent Equipment Co., Inc (hereinafter referred to as “Horda Intelligent”) has participated in the exhibition with the English theme “See Horda at drupa in a different way”. The company showcased its star products, including the fully automatic hardcover production line series(CCD), collapsible box wings making machine (five boards), and fast speed automatic case making machine at booth B50 in Hall 11, attracting the attention of numerous visitors, including distributors and corporate users from around the world, and demonstrating high-quality cover machines and line solutions.

The exhibition has been a great success, with a large number of new and existing customers coming to inquire. Not only have multiple overseas orders been secured, but there are also countless potential orders. By the fourth day of the exhibition, all the business cards for international sales had been used up. The high quality and precision of Chinese manufacturing have been highly recognized, and Horda Intelligent has received high praise for its technology and applications in the high-end cover machine field.

For many years, Horda Intelligent has been leveraging intelligent manufacturing and research results from industry-university cooperation to continuously innovate cover machine technology. From components to production equipment and after-sales service, comprehensive upgrades have been made, gradually establishing a favorable environment for the sustainable development of high-end cover machines in China.

The exhibition has attracted a large number of high-profile visitors, and has been continuously exciting for nine consecutive days! Please take a look at this wonderful photo gallery from the exhibition:


The excitement continues as this year’s Drupa Printing Exhibition will run until June 7th. Horda Intelligent will continue to bring exciting displays of future innovative applications for the global printing industry. Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibition and engage in discussions on site.


Horda Intelligent Booth Number: 11B50