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“Horda Intelligence’s Successful Return at Drupa Printing Exhibition | Upholding Quality and Moving Forward with Honor”

“Horda Intelligence’s Successful in Drupa Printing Exhibition”

On June 7, 2024, the dazzling closure of the renowned “Drupa Printing Exhibition,” hailed as a “global benchmark for the printing industry,” took place. Horda Intelligence, with its array of innovative equipment and processes, shone at Drupa, attracting attention from printing professionals worldwide.

During the 11-day exhibition, Horda Intelligence had the privilege of gathering with industry leaders from around the world, witnessing the rapid advancement of the printing industry. Following several days of splendid displays and in-depth exchanges, Horda Intelligence received widespread acclaim for its strength, leading to a continued surge in popularity at the event.

The noteworthy point is that Horda Intelligence received widespread acclaim for the high-end cover machine solution launched at this exhibition. For example, the automatic case making machine production line (CCD) attracted much attention on-site. This product is a comprehensive upgrade and optimization of the  automatic case making machine production line, and it can be widely used for outer packaging products such as mooncake boxes, tea boxes, mobile phone boxes, cigarette boxes, wine boxes, craft boxes, cosmetic boxes, as well as for producing folders, desk calendars, and hardcover book covers. This equipment meets customers’ practical requirements for high precision, high speed, high intelligence, and low labor input, and it can automatically produce hardcover covers. The produced hardcover covers are then sent to the inner lining machine through the intermediate conveying mechanism, ensuring the perfect fit between the inner lining paper and the hardcover cover.

“During the exhibition, Mr. Huang Zhigang, the Chairman of Horda Intelligence, personally engaged in discussions and exchanges with customers from around the world. Through these interactions, a deeper understanding of market demands, technological trends, and industry regulations in different countries and regions was gained. This information not only helps Horda Intelligence better grasp the pulse of the market but also provides valuable insights for the company’s future development.”

“Furthermore, customers from around the world have expressed that Horda Intelligence’s products can bring more possibilities to their packaging business. Not only do the products enhance product quality and efficiency, but they also reduce costs, possess high market competitiveness, and look forward to establishing long-term cooperation with Horda Intelligence. These positive feedbacks further enhance our confidence in the future market!”

“With the successful conclusion of the exhibition,Horda Intelligence exhibition team expressed that this trip has yielded fruitful results. Not only did we receive dealers and agents from the printing industry worldwide, but we also established connections with numerous potential customers. Through live equipment demonstrations, we successfully gained the trust and favor of customers, reached intentions for cooperation with multiple enterprises, and signed a series of important agreements. The splendid moments at the event not only affirmed the recognition of Horda Intelligence’s technical strength and research and development capabilities by customers but also confirmed our future development potential. Additionally, this Drupa trip has brought rich rewards and unforgettable memories to our exhibition team, making it a fulfilling and memorable journey.”

“Although the exhibition has come to a close, Horda Intelligence’s enthusiasm and exploration in the high-end cover machine field have never ceased. In the future, we will continue to uphold the corporate development philosophy of ‘quality, innovation, service, and sharing,’ and embrace challenges and opportunities with a more spirited attitude. We aim to bring more high-quality products and services to the printing industry, and promote the intelligent development of global digital printing. Until the next Drupa, we will meet again!”