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Love for hometown, love is priceless - Mr. Huang Zhigang, chairman of Haoda Intelligent, has donated money to poor students in mountainous areas for many years

On the morning of June 10, 2022, Mr. Huang Zhigang, an alumnus of the 89th class of Guangfu Junior High School and the current chairman of Zhejiang Haoda Machinery Co., Ltd., held the "Love Student Donation Ceremony" in Guangfu Junior High School.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, Comrade Yu Xiaohong, deputy secretary of the general party branch of the Susong County Education Bureau and leader of the key project supervision group of the education system, was entrusted by Mr. Huang Zhigang to personally send 15,000 yuan of love money to 15 students with excellent character and learning in Guangfu Junior High School. In the hands of poor students, 1,000 yuan per student, and conveyed Mr. Huang Zhigang's care and condolences to the children. This is the fourth consecutive year that Mr. Huang has assisted students in our school.

At the donation ceremony, Chen Shuilin, secretary of the party branch and principal of Guangfu Junior High School, gave a passionate speech, thanking Mr. Huang Zhigang for his love and help to the needy students of our school, and also moved by Mr. Huang's continuous care and support for our school students over the past four years. And put forward ardent expectations for the 15 sponsored students on site.

Afterwards, Hong Mincong, the representative of the recipients, gave a speech. He said: Thanks to Uncle Huang Zhigang for lending a helping hand during the most difficult time for his family and bringing hope to the family. In the future, I will definitely study harder, be a grateful person, and live up to the expectations of caring people in society like Uncle Huang and Uncle Yu.

Finally, Comrade Yu Xiaohong, the entrusted representative of Mr. Huang Zhigang's donation, made a meaningful speech. He told the children the stories of three inspirational figures in our county in an earnest and easy-to-understand way: the story of Mr. Huang Zhigang who started from scratch, started a business with hard work, and became the boss of a large company; Stories about walking towards poetry and distant places in a twisting car; this time, the story of Hong Dongxiang, the sister of classmate Hong Mincong, who was assisted this time, overcame family difficulties and was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China as a graduate student. He told the children that knowledge can change fate, and golden phoenixes can fly out of ravines. At the same time, he put forward three hopes for the children: I hope they will be a person with dreams, goals and pursuits in their hearts; Socialist core values.

The donation ceremony ended successfully with bursts of applause. This charity donation activity warmed the hearts of our impoverished students, sowed the seeds of love and hope in the hearts of the children, and carried forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of caring for others.

It is true that there is warmth in the world, and love is full of love. (Chen Xinmin)