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Riding the wind and waves, facing the future|Haoda Smart's "Sales Performance Growth Against the Trend, Iron Military Training Camp" came to a successful conclusion!

On March 30, 12 trainees from Zhejiang Haoda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haoda Intelligent) successfully graduated from the "Sales Performance Against the Trend Growth Iron Military Training Camp" of Wenshang Education.

Lin Chaoliang, the deputy general manager and sales director of Haoda Intelligent, personally led the team to participate in this training. Ni Caixia, the foreign trade manager, served as the leader of the training team, and Hu Changcong, the sales manager, served as the political commissar of the team. Through the training and actual combat simulation at this stage, we will build a professional service team for Haoda Intelligent, and lay the foundation for injecting new thinking and new vitality into the brand development.

Ten consecutive days of fast-paced and highly difficult practical exercises, through online training and offline co-creation of homework, the students of Haoda Intelligent constantly analyzed the competitive advantages of the product market and grasped key breakthroughs, which not only achieved personal growth, but also The whole team stood out from 17 companies, won the third place in the whole competition, and won 2 team awards and 4 individual awards.

Sales Director Lin Chaoliang said: "This training event is mainly for sales staff. There are three main reasons for holding the event: First, due to the impact of the external environment, repeated epidemics are not conducive to daily visits to customers. Practice internal skills and improve our professional quality; secondly, it will help us build an elite sales team. This learning course is very helpful for improving our sales process and sales ability; thirdly, it will help improve team cohesion and work Efficiency is a great inspiration and impetus to the completion of the team's annual performance goals. Through this study, the cohesion of the entire sales team has become stronger, and everyone's mental outlook has also undergone great changes."