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How to deal with the edge seam of the automatic cover machine

The back panel and edge banding of the automatic cover machine have a great influence on the sales of panel furniture. If the amount of glue is too large, the glue seam will be obvious, otherwise the strength of the edge will be reduced. There are many reasons why the gel seam is discontinuous or uneven, so how to deal with the edge seam of the automatic cover machine.

  1. For the cutting accuracy of the sheet, the edge of the sheet must be kept at 90 degrees to its plane.

  2. Whether the pressure distribution of the automatic edge roller is uniform and whether the size is appropriate. The direction of the pressure should be 90 degrees from the edge of the board.

  3. Whether the rubber roller is in good condition, whether the hot melt adhesive on it is uniform, and whether the amount of glue is appropriate.

  4. The edge board should be stored in a relatively clean and dusty place. Avoid contact with tape during processing.

  What does the automatic cover machine do?

  Fully automatic cover machine is mainly composed of body, beam device, conveyor transmission device, rear support device, installation adjustment and automatic feeding disconnection device, melting glue equipment, and side materials. Fastening device, polishing device, electrical control device, pneumatic control device, etc.

  Automatic cover machine common problems and solutions

  1. Excessive welding. Maybe too much work is being put in. Solution: Lower the air pressure value. Reduce welding time. Slow down model shrinkage.

  2. Insufficient welding. It may be that the working energy input is too little Solution: increase the gas pressure value. Extended welding time, higher power models.

  3. Unexplained welding is caused by workpiece deformation. Solution: Check whether the dimensions of the workpieces are different. Check whether the operating conditions cause deformation of the work object.

  4. The contact surface between the welding head and the base and the workpiece is uneven. Solution: reduce the uniform height of the power point. Adjust the set screw. Check that the operating conditions are correct, check the shape and size of the workpiece.

  5. The solution to the weak facilities: If necessary, increase the support point. Base reception. rather than solid foundations.

  6. Solution to excessive workpiece error: Tighten the workpiece tolerance and re-modify the size of the workpiece. Check that the operation is running.