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What are the advantages of using a fully automatic cover machine

When traditional furniture is hand-banded, due to improper operation, leakage often occurs, resulting in a large waste of raw materials and reducing the quality of furniture edges. When operating with a fully automatic cover machine, there will be no glue leakage at all, saving a lot of raw materials, so what are the advantages of using a fully automatic cover machine?

  1. Easy to clean. When traditionally hand-sealing furniture, glue often splashes everywhere due to various reasons, and sometimes the furniture is even coated with a lot of glue. This is very detrimental to the appearance of the furniture, and it will also encounter problems during the cleaning process. After using the fully automatic cover machine, the machine can be cleaned regularly. Sometimes the fully automatic cover machine can be washed while running without affecting the production of the production line.

  2. Rarely fail. In traditional manual edge-banding furniture, the automatic cover machine affects the edge-banding efficiency. Many human factors will reduce the quality and efficiency of edge banding, which is not conducive to the development of the furniture industry. Using a fully automatic cover machine for furniture edge banding will not be affected by human factors. The machine failure is small, which greatly improves the efficiency of the furniture edge.

  3. The solution is not easy to age. When edge banding is done by hand, the solution is not easy to age due to edge banding, which affects the quality of furniture edge banding. Using a fully automatic cover machine will not cause such troubles at all.

  The development trend of automatic cover machine technology

  1. Electronic devices replace traditional mechanical constraints. The fully automatic cover machine technology will gradually change from traditional mechanical restrictions to electronic equipment, making the furniture more safe and reliable during the edge banding process, and ensuring the safety of workers' lives.

  2. Modular design. Inner Auto Edge is a multi-engine tool that includes various equipment such as grooves, sanding, glue. These devices are designed as modules. In the later processing, the side machine works more flexibly and can save time.

  3. Form a standardized conveying equipment series. In the next few years, fully automatic edge machines will form a standardized transportation equipment system. The fully automatic cover machine forms a standardized system to form a standardized system, which makes its operation bundled and efficient. Improve the quality of furniture seals.

  4. Computer applications are more frequent. The development of electronic information technology is the main development trend of today's era. In the technical development of fully automatic cover machines, the application of computers must be strengthened to make the computer-controlled processing procedures more stringent, which will affect its performance. The working parameters are more suitable and more conducive to automatic edge banding.