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What are the uses of the gift box forming machine

Gift box forming machines are widely used in various industries, so they are still widely used. In fact, gift box forming machines are quite different in technology, but they also have the same functions, such as ear folding, edge folding, folding in, pressing air bubbles, etc. Carton forming is mainly used in the packaging machinery industry and is an indispensable equipment for carton manufacturing in the packaging machinery industry. At present, there are mainly glue applicators and carton forming machines for hot melt adhesives and non-hot melt adhesives on the market. In fact, when in use, the whole machine occupies a small area and has high stability. It adopts a stepping drive system and has the function of automatic and fast mold adjustment. The gift box forming machine also has the function of automatic fault diagnosis. The mold change adopts high-speed CNC with memory function. The advantages of the equipment are also reflected in other places, such as automatic card feeding, continuous paper feeding, edge wrapping, ear folding, forming and folding, etc. Photoelectric system with automatic cover box function, photoelectric tracking system for inspection and drive system. Touchscreen HMI for automating the entire carton forming process.

  In addition, the gift box forming machine also adopts PLC control in the production process, touch screen man-machine interface, parameter setting and fault display, easy to operate. The gift box forming machine adopts pneumatic double servo control, input the box body and mold size, and the computer automatically adjusts and stores the mold. The box size that can be produced is from 50MM to 500MM, which not only saves human resources, but also plays an important role in allocating production areas. Its development space is closely related to the application prospect of carton packaging. At present, the prospect of gift box forming machines is very optimistic. With the increasing market share of tobacco, alcohol, food, medicine, small household appliances, cosmetics, etc., they all need carton packaging, and there is enough room for development today. Of course, when in use, it can automatically feed paper, heat, automatically collect points, thermoforming (glue the four corners of the lunch box) and other continuous processes, used to make single-cell disposable paper lunch boxes, food packaging boxes, etc.