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Maintenance method of gift box forming machine

When starting the gift box forming machine, first heat the forming cylinder for 5-10 minutes, and press the motor start button when the temperature of the forming cylinder reaches above 120°C. The power of the motor is decelerated by the flywheel and transmitted to the crankshaft through the belt, and the crankshaft drives the connecting rod, piston and punch to reciprocate. After the oil pressure of the gift box forming machine is normal during work, put the biomass raw material into the hopper, and the biomass raw material will be sucked into the punch by the weight of the raw material and the vacuum generated. Punch sleeve when the punch rod moves down. Inside, when the punch moves upwards to the dead point, the biomass raw material can be pressed into the forming cylinder, and under the change of the curved surface of the inner wall of the forming cylinder, the biomass is extruded into a rod shape and released from the forming cylinder. As for mechanical equipment, it also needs to be maintained. The first is the maintenance of its circuit. Pay attention to the cleaning of the circuit board at all times during normal use. Remember to clean the dust in the strong and weak electric box regularly, and try to keep the electric box dry.

  The purpose of this is to avoid damp; during road maintenance, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is oil leakage in all parts of the oil circuit. If there is oil leakage, it must be dealt with in time to prevent the piston rod from being scratched and the oil quality to deteriorate; for mechanical maintenance, it is necessary to regularly check whether the transmission parts of the machine are worn. When maintaining the gift box forming machine, all you need to do is to place it in the workshop and fully ground it. During transportation, there is a wooden board at the bottom of the manufacturer. It is necessary to remove the wooden board and put a rubber pad on it. This is done in this way. The purpose is to prevent the vibration of the machine due to the operation of the machine during the production process. In the later stage, regular refueling and butter are required. The location of refueling is mainly at the winding wire, wire feeding box, transmission gear, etc., and the running-in parts of the mechanical parts are kept lubricated with organic oil for a long time. Generally, the butter is checked once a week; when working, the gift box forming machine must also be kept clean. It is suggested that employees need to wipe the surface of the machine clean before leaving get off work every day. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the oil will accumulate, and the circuit parameters may change. The long-term erosion of dust will cause the surface of the machine to age and affect the appearance.