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What are the characteristics of the automatic cover machine? How to improve efficiency?

What are the characteristics of the automatic cover machine? How to improve efficiency?

  Automatic cover machine features are as follows:

  1. Generally, the automatic paper feeding structure is adopted, the overall action is fully pneumatic, and the structure is simple and reasonable.

  2. The width of the stacking table and paper feeding table can be adjusted concentrically, which is simple and error-free.

  3. The cardboard feeding table adopts linear guide rail, which is precise.

  4. The cardboard feeding table is equipped with an automatic stop device for cardboard shortage to reduce the yield rate.

  5. The conveyor belt adopts a high-power exhaust fan to make the paper conveying more stable and accurate.

  6. The paper conveying and positioning system adopts imported high-precision photoelectric control, which makes the positioning of paper and cardboard more accurate and reliable.

  7. The rear-mounted fully automatic four-sided edging machine adopts a unique automatic corner-pressing mechanism to ensure the pass rate of finished products.

  8. The receiving platform adopts desktop stacking for conveying and unloading, which is more convenient for receiving.

  What is the reason why the automatic cover machine sucks multiple sheets when it sucks the cover?

  1. When using the automatic cover machine, try to loosen or loosen the cover after cutting the cover, which can effectively prevent multiple covers from sticking together and being sucked up when the cover is sucked.

  2. It may be because the cover is not processed or some poor books. These books generally have relatively high air permeability, and it is easy to absorb many books. Therefore, the quality of the book must be checked.

  With the continuous development of science and technology, people began to manufacture a large number of mechanical equipment to replace traditional hand-made, which can not only reduce a lot of labor intensity for people, but also save more time and improve work efficiency. With the manufacturing and production of fully automatic cover machines, not only can the products be more standardized and scaled, but also the products can be more beautiful. It is a professional equipment for automatic production of hardcover book covers, notebooks or desk calendars. The whole action is automatically controlled, the structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation is stable. Using a peeling machine can also greatly reduce the scrap rate. The purpose of the peeling machine is not only to mass-produce outer packaging boxes such as moon cakes, tea boxes, and some handicrafts, so that the outer packaging boxes look more refined and standard, but also to produce forming folders, desk calendars, and hardcover book covers. Easy to operate and easy to use, it is an effective solution for automated production.